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Engineered Components & Packaging offers a wide selection of off the shelf cavity trays, drip trays and craft trays. These trays are used by industry; and sold here for hobby and residential applications.

Plastic Drip Trays for Mini Fridges, Pets, Sinks, Etc.

Plastic Drip Trays

Plastic Drip Trays

Plastic drip trays can be used in the home or factory to... 

About Engineered Components & Packaging

  • Plastic Drip Trays BLOG

    Blog shows drip tray application where hotels use trays to prevent damage to carpet and furniture. This opens a page on our industrial site. CLICK to VIEW blog.

  • ESD Protection

    ESD trays protect electronic parts from static discharge. Cavity trays marked "ESD" on our site are inherently conductive and protect items from a static charge.

  • Small Parts Storage Trays

    Small Parts Storage

    Tiny parts are hard to keep organized. Our numbered cavity trays protect and keep parts easy to view and keep organized. Most common tray holds 50 pieces.